MERKEZ P&C Insurance Co. Inc. is the leader of several first-time applications in Turkish insurance industry. We provide our customers, with the solutions based on the conditions of the day and pursuant to the requirements of the persons and establishments, using our wide-range of product portfolio. Person-specific car insurance, package insurance applications for several insurance types are two of the first-time applications acquired by MERKEZ P&C Insurance Co. to our national insurance industry.

Goods Insurance

Fire Insurance
Fire and Additional Risks Insurance
Loss of Profit
Marine Cargo Insurance
Marine Hull (Vessel-Yacht) Insurance
Insurance of Valuable In Transit
Joint Car Insurance
Accident All Risks Insurance
Airplane Hull / Liability and Third Party Liability Insurance Personal Accident Insurance
Theft Insurance
Insurance Against Breach of Confidence
Insurance of Money In Transit
Bankers Blanket Bonds Insurance
Plate Glass Insurance
Machinery Breakdown Insurance
Electronic Equipment Insurance
Construction All Risk Insurance
Erection All Risk Insurance
Personal Accident Insurance
Insurance against Cancellation of Organizations
Insurance against Probable Events

  Package Policies

Merkez Complete & Economic Office Package Insurance

Kaskonomi Car Insurance Package


a) Voluntary Insurance

Insurance on Employer's Liability
Personal Liability Insurance
Voluntary Liability Insurance
Liability- Insurance on Garage
Liability- Insurance on Lift
Liability- Insurance on School
Liability-Insurance on Corps
Professional Third Party
Liability Insurance Liability- Insurance on Elevator

b) Compulsory Insurance

Compulsory Liability Insurance (Traffic)
Compulsory Liability Insurance on Bus Chairs
Compulsory Liability Insurance on School Vehicle Chairs Compulsory Liability Insurance on Liquid Gas Tanks Compulsory Liability Insurance on
Dangerous Substances


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